How to Prepare for the AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator Exam?

Assessment AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator is Your Brand New replacement of the Azure AZ-103 Examination for Its Azure Administrator role. Here we provide the definitive guide for the AZ-104 examination prep!


The requirement for licensed professionals in the cloud computing landscape is forcing several new changes. The majority of the cloud providers have claimed their own credibility in the region of an expert certification by upgrading their certificates based on new technologies. Microsoft Azure has attracted its role-based certification version to make sure that applicants establish their specialist skills.

The hunt for ideal sources on the AZ-104 examination prep shows that brand new Azure certification examinations gain quicker recognition. The AZ-104 examination is the upgraded version of the current AZ-103 test for the function of Microsoft Azure Administrator. Since Microsoft has proven to be a prominent participant in the cloud computing business, the job prospects together with Azure certificates also have increased. If you would like to qualify an Azure certification examination, you want a correct manual to prepare efficiently for the examination.

The following discussion would serve an essential part in your AZ-104 exam dumps and prep by supplying you a concise prep manual. The groundwork guide would comprise a comprehensive example of basic information concerning the exam. Candidates may find the target audience, requirements, along with other formal specifics about the AZ-104 examination within this discussion.

On the other hand, the main highlight of the following AZ-104 prep guide will be the policy of domains contained in the AZ-104 examination. Additionally, candidates may also find a concise overview of the subtopics covered in every domain of this examination. In the end, the conversation would arrive in a thorough manual for the AZ-104 examination prep with suggested steps and best practices to boost your preparations.

Note: Not compulsory but Microsoft Azure Basic AZ 900 certificate can be regarded as the entrance point to attain the AZ-104 certificate at the Azure administrator career course.

AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification Exam

To start with, all candidates need to keep in mind that AZ-104 is your newest normal Microsoft Azure Administrator examination. You may even consider it as a brand new variant of the present certification examination for Microsoft Azure Administrator project function. Consequently, if you wish to turn into a Microsoft Azure Administrator, then the AZ-104 examination is the thing to do!

AZ-104 examination has been accessible on April 2, 2020, according to the official certificate page of AZ-104. Candidates must note another significant actuality that the AZ-103 examination and the AZ-104 examination will be available simultaneously prior to the retirement of this AZ-103 examination on August 31, 2020.


The phased launch program of Microsoft allows candidates to look for the AZ-103 test with no difficulties. Following the retirement of this AZ-103 examination, AZ-104 is going to be the sole ordinary exam for becoming a Microsoft Azure Administrator. The AZ-104 examination will be accessible from the English language only, and the enrollment fee for the examination is $165 USD.

Target Audience for Your Assessment

The upcoming significant concern from the AZ-104 exam prep is that the identification of the target market for the examination. It’s necessary for applicants to confirm that they are under a suitable target market for the examination. The AZ-104 examination is acceptable for candidates attempting to become Microsoft Azure Administrators, acquiring a minimum of 6 weeks of hands-on knowledge in Azure workload management. Candidates to the AZ-104 exam should have in-depth understanding of heart Azure solutions, workloads, safety, and governance.

An Azure Administrator’s job function entails advocating services to attain optimum scalability and functionality. Azure Administrators also must take part in the execution, management, and tracking of both cloud infrastructure and its elements. Additionally, Azure Administrators also need to provision size, and track and adjust funds based on requirements to the infrastructure. If you’re up for these jobs, then you’re prepared to begin your own AZ-104 exam prep!

Prerequisites for Your Assessment

As soon as you’ve confirmed that AZ-104 is the ideal certification test for your career ambitions, you need to check exam requirements. The examination requirements are an essential improvement from the AZ-104 prep guide. Candidates must note that the following prerequisites aren’t compulsory to follow for engaging in the AZ-104 examination. To the contrary, having fulfilled the understanding and expertise requirements gives an extra benefit to applicants in qualifying the examination.

  • Minimum of six months of hands-on knowledge in Azure management.
  • In-depth Comprehension of heart Azure Services.
  • Fluency at Azure workloads, governance, and safety.
  • Experience in Using Command Line Interface, ARM templates, PowerShell and Azure Portal.
  • Experience in networking, cloud infrastructure, operating systems, storage arrangements, and virtualization.
  • Having knowledge and expertise in these areas can enhance your AZ-104 exam prep considerably.
  • Domains Covered at the Assessment

The results of getting ready for an examination may be effective only in the event that you’ve ready for the subjects covered in the examination. Therefore, a case of these domains covered in the AZ-104 examination is an essential part of the preparation guide. Candidates could create a prep program that instills specific timeframes for various subjects on the grounds of the weighting. Certya provides the reliable and updated AZ-104 exam dumps.

It is possible to find the domains covered in the test in virtually every AZ-104 research manual. Candidates must also say that the test is at the beta phase currently and will not cover the features which are in the trailer phase. The trailer features will soon be available from the test only when they get General Availability (GA). The AZ-104 examination would cover the following domain names.

  • Direction of Azure identities and governance.
  • Implementation and management of storage.
  • Deploying and handling Azure compute tools.
  • Configuring and managing digital networks.
  • Tracking and copy of Azure resources.

A closer look in the weighting and subtopics covered in every domain can help applicants enhance their preparation efforts. The weighting of distinct domain names and subtopics simplifies the AZ-104 examination prep considerably by enhancing clarity concerning the exam.

Domain Name 1: Management of Azure Truth and governance

The initial domain deals with handling Azure identities and governance. The domain could account for nearly 15% to 20% of queries in the examination. The subtopics covered within this domain are.

  • Handling Azure Active Directory (AD) objects.
  • Control of role-based access control (RBAC).
  • Managing subscriptions and governance.

Domain 2: Implementation and management of storage

The second domain of this AZ-104 exam addresses the execution and management of storage. The domain could account for nearly 10% to 15 percent of queries in the examination. The subtopics within this domain are all,

  • Managing storage balances.
  • Data direction for Azure Storage.
  • Configuring Azure documents and Azure blob storage.

Domain Name 3: Deploying and handling Azure compute tools

The next domain of this test deals with managing and deploying Azure compute assets. This domain name is quite vital for your own AZ-104 exam prep since it accounts for approximately 25% to 30 percent of these questions in the examination. The subtopics within this domain are all,

  • Configuring virtual machines for higher availability and scalability.
  • Automating the installation and configuration of virtual machines.
  • Building and configuring virtual machines.
  • Production and setup of containers.
  • Creating and configuring Web Programs.

Domain Name 4: Configuring and managing virtual networks

The most important domain of this AZ-104 exam addresses the management and configuration of all virtual networks. The domain name accounts for nearly 30% to 35 percent of their total questions in the examination, thus becoming highly essential for the AZ-104 examination prep. The subtopics within this domain are all,

  • Implementing and handling virtual networks.
  • Setup of name resolution.
  • Secure access to virtual networks.
  • Installation of load balancing.
  • Tracking and Tracking virtual networks.
  • Integration of on-premises network with Azure digital networks.

Domain Name 5: Tracking and copy of Azure tools

The last domain covered in the AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator examination deals with backup and monitoring of Azure resources. The domain name accounts for nearly 10% to 15 percent of their total questions in the examination. The subtopics within this domain are all,

  • Tracking resources by utilizing Azure Monitor.
  • Implementing backup and retrieval.