Building Your List With Coregistration Leads

Even though it is very big business, many people have never heard of coregistration services and coregistration leads. The concept of a coregistration lead is that the site visitor is signing up or registering for multiple offers at once, or at least has that option.

You have probably participated in the co-registration lead generation process and did not even know it at the time. If you have signed up for a free email account, surely you remember that as part of the registration process for the account, you filled in your true name UFABETอันไหนคนสมัครเยอะ

and email address, and perhaps your physical address.

After completing the form, you were registered for the first offer (the free email account) and then shown a page that offered you a long list of topics on which you could receive further information. If you checked any of those boxes, then you became a co-registration lead.

Many coregistration lead service companies use a similar system, but usually display far fewer offers than you saw when you signed up for that free email account. You might be sent through the same process, though, and be shown multiple related coregistration offers on the thank you page.

Or you might have visited a high traffic website, clicked a link to get “more information”, and been taken to a page that had multiple coregistration offers displayed on the page.

Yet another way that opt-in co-registration leads are generated is to show you a series of additional related offers after you sign up for the main offer. In that case, the co-registration path takes you from one splash page to the next after you have already submit.